Jenny Cummins
Founder of Shine Advise

With an outstanding track record as Insights Director since 2014, I have first-hand experience of the considerable challenges posed by the demand for top-line insights and recommendations distilled from hard-won and detailed primary insights research.

For over 15 years my consulting and corporate career has been dedicated to bringing clarity to complexity and to helping leaders in academia, life sciences and government make confident decisions.

Top Executives want the top line and delivery teams need detailed knowledge, a tension that can be successfully managed by Shine Advise applying the principles of Design Thinking and Strategic Consulting to insights projects.

The result? Crisp, beautiful and easy to interpret insights, by design.

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, Shine Advise and partners can offer consulting in-person or virtually for partners all around the world. Get in touch via email or LinkedIn to arrange a discussion

Jenny Cummins - Shine Advise